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Contact Us:

(713) 895-8261

Citation Solutions, Inc.
5535 Memorial
Suite F802
Houston, Texas 77007


Citation Solutions welcomes a new member to our client family:

Florida Cooling Supply, Inc.

What are Digital Assets and why should you be concerned about them? Digital assets are our password-protected online accounts. This includes Facebook, Twitter, and E-mail accounts. The issue has now moved into the courts to determine what happens when the owner of the accounts dies.

Government Web Site- Internet scams and frauds are on everyone's mind these days. As a service to the public, the Government has a web site with tips on ways you can protect your self and your family on the Internet.
Click on www.onguardonline.gov


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Use Citation Solutions for Your Internet Needs

We specialize in creating custom web sites for companies seeking innovative web marketing to better serve their customers. From affordable, custom web design and advanced database design to consulting and training services, we offer an all-encompassing range of talents to deliver the best solutions for the growing needs of your business.

Citation Solutions has been providing services and products to companies and organizations since 1974. Contact us to find out if we can help you with your online needs.

Contact Information:
Call us today at 713-895-8261 or contact us by email at: info@citationsolutions.com

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