Web Design

web Design

Does your current web site reflect the image of your organization? Are visitors to your site finding the information they need? Citation Solutions will assist you in creating the right image for your web site, without sacrificing usability or responsive download.

We have over nineteen years of solid experience in designing web sites that perform. We have worked with sites of all sizes and degrees of complexity. What makes each of our sites a success story is our methodology.


Our unique methodology includes:
Brand and Image Definition.
Your website should reinforce the overall image and brand of your organization.

Audience Analysis.
In truly understanding the various audiences that will be using your website, a design can be uniquely crafted to direct each audience to the information they need or to the information you want them to see.

Site Maintenance.
Keeping a website current is the most important ingredient to making your site the most trusted source of information for your visitors. By considering the maintenance effort at the time of design, Citation can keep the cost of site maintenance in an affordable range.

Technical Architecture.
Citation will review your current and future technical environment. This allows us to select design and coding tools that are easily integrated with your technical and security infrastructure.

Design Standards

 Compliance with W3C and Section 508 accessibility requirements, if specified as a design requirement.
 SEO coding and individual page optimization for better search results.
 Consistent navigation within sections of the site.
 Designs will reflect the services and philosophy of the business.

For more information about our web site design services, please contact a Citation web design specialist today.