Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a constantly changing experience. Recently there were significant changes in the way search engines operate and there will continue to be more changes in 2019. Keyword based searches are moving towards content text searches and more emphasis needs to be placed on writing useful and pertinent content. Citation Solutions offers a comprehensive SEO Services package that includes code optimization of your website, Analytics monitoring, a monthly progress report, and social media services. We will build your business Facebook page and provide regular posts. Our services also include one monthly post boost to reach more potential customers. 

AlonAt Citation, we build our sites with the following standards:

Citation provides the following:

 Coding that is easily read and indexed by the top search engines

  Well-written Meta Tags including title tags and description tags

  Linking with other sites

  Use of alt tags on images

  Adding customer testimonials to the website

  Listing your site on Google, Yahoo, and Bing

  Weekly Analytics monitoring of your website with a progress report sent monthly

  Build a business Facebook page and provide regular posts with one monthly Ad boost



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